Vessel: your passport for the internet

Vessel is no longer being actively developed or supported

Everything you need to explore the internet

Vessel is your digital wallet and identity rolled into one. Dive into the web with a singular user account that travels with you online and opens access to the entire internet.

Connect with one click

Connect to sites with one click. Vessel lets you bring your account credentials and wallet with you, to any site or transaction. Never fill out another signup or login form again.

Image showing the in-product screen where you have the ability to connect your passport and info to sites you trust.

Crypto at your fingertips

Make any transaction on the internet safely– send, swap, and hold your digital assets all in one multi-chain wallet. You can easily access your wallet across devices without the pain of private keys and seed phrases.

Image showing what an example wallet may look like

Security & safety wherever you go

Preserve your crypto privacy, and protect your personal info wherever you are on the web. Vessel does not hold or use any of your personal data and funds.

Image showing the in product "connected" sites and how you can edit them

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